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Barrie McAskill & The Drifters



Hoochie Koochie Man*** She’s About A Mover

The song titles on this CD are well explained in the Drifters history pages.

Cost: $20.00 + postage & packaging.


Levi Smith’s Clefs : Empty Monkey





“Empty Monkey” & “The First Session” Double CD set.

"Levi Smith's Clefs": "The Clefs": "McAskill's Marauders":

Shake & Finger Pop*****A Boy Like Me*****Shotgun

We got lucky and discovered the master tapes of my Chart Records and Sweet Peach recordings in Warners Music storing facilities in Sydney. Ted Lethborg, Aztec Record's manager set up a link betwween myself and Warners, the tapes were then sent to Gil Matthews the owner of Aztec Records and original "Levis" drummer who re-mastered them

and released a 30 track double CD late last year,2008.

This collection also features a 24 page lift out written by Ian McFarlane.

Cost: $30.00 + postage & packaging.



“Empty Monkey” & “The First Session”

Double Album (Vinyl)

These two albums were painfully de-crackled by Boris Jerschensky the owner of Mayfair Music in Germany, Boris worked for nearly a year on The First Session, which as the title suggests was exactly that, we as a band thought we could tidy up our music and did so with another session and Empty Monkey was released. I'm so pleased that I kept the test pressing as the music in retrospect was extremely good with a lot of same tracks played with an entirely different feel. The test pressing itself was so buckled you could skate board up and down it, well...let's just say it was not in good shape having travelled around Australia in a suit case or a box.

Well done Boris, Thanks Mate.

500 only were pressed.

So for the avid vinyl collectors this collection has the original sounds. Vinyl to Vinyl.


When this recording was put together we had not yet discovered the masters.


Order From:

Mayfair Music


All of the tracks that were recorded by this line up of Levis are on these LPs except for one which I can't find. “The First Session” has never been released until recently.



Barrie McAskill’s Musical Diary

Double CD set



This collection is my pick of a variety of my recordings with some of my home recordings

and some tracks recorded live at Alberts Studios, The Bear unplugged acoustic guitar and voice.

But most importantly I am presenting lots of tunes that I wrote.

It wasn't until I finished my season at Chequers that I remembered

I used to play guitar once and I used to write songs.

I think my Hindley Street Shuffle and Dance With Me, are me in top gear.

The Hindley Street Shuffle ****Dance With Me

Independent release: J.D. & B.C. McAskill

Cost:$30.00 + postage & packaging.


The Best of Barrie & Jan McAskill



Jan and I, think we've chosen fairly well, however I think every now and then , what about?

But one can only fit so much on a disc.

Dance With Me****If it Comes to Love

Independent release: J.D. & B.C. McAskill

Cost:$20.00+ postage & packaging.


Jan McAskill on Track


Jan has had a pick of her tunes here, with songs she has written and demos she has recorded for well known Australian song writers. Also few tunes she and I produced as a Duo.

She's a great singer and plays great keyboards, Jan's talents and spirit

have never bored me since the day we met.

The Farmers Daughter****I’ll Be There For you

Independent release: J.D. & B.C. McAskill

Cost: $20.00 + postage & packaging.


These prices are quoted in Australian Dollars.


Homegrown means we have produced and packaged these CDs ourselves


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