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Barrie McAskill’s Musical History

"An official Legend of Aussie Rock"

The exceptional talent and persona of Barrie McAskill has been described in many ways.

He was crowned Adelaide's King of Rock & Roll with his band The Fabulous Drifters in the early sixties.

He regularly appeared on South Australian TV shows such as Stairway to the Stars, Seventeeners, In Time, Action, Four Corners, The State We’re In and Adelaide Tonight:

He continued his pop stardom with The Clefs in Melbourne in the latter sixties – appearing on Komotion, Dig We Must and Uptight:

In 1967 Barrie formed and led the noted cult band, Levi Smith's Clefs. With his remarkable sound, it's not surprising that he was described as one of Australia's living legends by the mid seventies.

Barrie was influenced musically by many great artists such as, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Johnny Ray, Bill Haley, Wilson Pickett, James Brown, Otis Redding, Lou Rawls, Mario Lanza, Joe Cocker, Ray Charles and Louis Armstrong.

Barrie has developed from a very good singer into a great singer who lives, breathes and loves every song he sings.

Barrie has a wealth of experience in many areas of music. It is no mean feat to have claimed the bandstand at Whisky Au Go Go, Kings Cross, Sydney, (9.00pm – 3.00am), six nights a week for eighteen months. A long party?

During this time he entertained not only the American Servicemen on R&R from Vietnam and local Aussies but also some of the world's finest visiting performers, Lou Rawls, The Who, The Four Tops, Barry Gibb, The Small Faces, The Manfred Mann Band, Sean Connery, April Stevens, Earl Grant, The Clara Ward Singers, the Australian Thunder Birds and The Harlem Globe Trotters.

Many were honoured to share the stage with him. Some of his guests included such well-known performers such as Billy Preston, Johnny O'Keefe, John Farnham, Stevie Marriott, Normie Rowe, Billy Thorpe, Max Merrit, Doug Parkinson, Bon Scott, Matt Taylor, Warren Mitchell, Phil Manning, Jeff St. John, Kerry Bidell and many more.

In 1970 Barrie recorded his highly successfully accredited “Empty Monkey” album.

He appeared on Sydney’s “Bandstand”, The Tommy Leonetti Show, GTK, Dick William’s Hit Scene, Donnie Sutherland’s Sounds, Noel O'Conners Intime and Ross D. Wylie’s Happening 70/71/72:

He produced hit records for Dave Allenby, the 2SM’s Good Guys, Maple Lace and Autumn.

His by then, brassy ten-piece band the Levi Smith’s Clefs, settled in Sydney to work six nights a week, (9.00pm – 3.00am) for twelve months at the legendary Chequers Nightclub, Australia’s number 1 venue: Another long party!

Barrie continued to hone his art form through all these experiences and has developed an incredible talent as a bandleader, entertainer, communicator, mediator, soundman, businessman, writer and guitarist. He is a much-loved respected and sought after musician. His original tunes exemplify his fine ability as a composer, and his lyrics his flair as a wordsmith.

Barrie writes from his heart, states the truth, loves life and inspires his audience!

Barrie has also established a truly fine course for students of music and many artists performing today owe much of their success to his willingness to share his knowledge and give his support to their endeavors.

The early eighties found Barrie back in his hometown, Adelaide, recording some of his original music at Soundtrack Australia.

The Hindley Street Shuffle” and “Dance With Me”. With the help of Henry Prokop (ABC) and Jeff Tanner (Rock Arena), a film clip (DVD available) was produced and premiered on The State We're In (ABC), Adelaide.

Early in 1984 Barrie returned to Sydney and enjoyed many successful seasons at such places as Kinselas, The Manzil Room, The All Nations Club, The Three Weeds Hotel and New York Tavern, to name but a few, it is easier to ask him where he hasn’t played.

In Sydney Barrie was much in demand for many radio and television commercials and was registered with Australia's top voice-over agency, RMK and has written and recorded a few in Adelaide since his return in the year 2000.

Joined by his wife Jan, Barrie has embarked on another episode of his exciting musical career.

When Barrie and Jan are on stage performing their creativity is pure magic. Barrie's wonderful sense of rhythm and creative guitar playing combined with Jan's innovative keyboard work, provide the perfect accompaniment for a Stunning Vocal Duo.

Barrie McAskill’s Discography

Barrie McAskill and the Fabulous Drifters:
The Palais Performance: C.D.

She’s About a Mover
MonteMazula Records # 96:

Independent release:

The Clefs
I can only give you everything**** Roberta:

(Columbia) 1966/67
A Boy Like Me**** Bring it to Jerome:
(Phonovox) 1967

Levi Smith’s Clefs

Road Runner / Lisa:
(Sweet Peach SP 011) 1970
Shotgun****Who is it that shall come:
(Sweet Peach SP 021) 1970
Dancing & Drinking / Gonna get a seizure:
(Chart CHK 4184) 1971
Love like a man / Take a little piece of my heart:
(Chart PR 202)

Empty Monkey:
(Sweet Peach SPB 504) 1970
Sweet Peach released through Polygram & Polydor
Festival 70 (Sweet Peach compilation Album) (Fontana) 1971

Extended Play:


The Best of Whisky Au Go Go: (Chart) 1971
Lawdy Miss Clawdy******Down in the Valley
Chart Records released through Festival

The Best of G.T.K:
McAskill’s Marauders
Bye Bye Blackbird
Compilation C.D. (A.B.C. Shops)

Barrie McAskill’s Jingles & Voice Overs:

If the titles are high lighted please click to hear them:
*Denotes written & produced by Barrie & Jan*

Compilation Jingle & Voice-Over Demo:

Southwark Premium Beer: Deep Springs Mineral Water: Gwyn Jones Leather Wear: Cabochard Perfume: Portmans: Resch's Beer: The Drug Offensive: Elders I X L: Gravox: Dairy Farmer's Ice Cream: Ansett Airlines: Dontril: A.M.P: C.C.S: Wild Turkey Bourbon: Cascade Brewery: Johnson & Johnson: Nuclear Disarmament Party: Berocca: Delvex: Monier Tiles: I Can Feel A XXXX Coming On: Fairstar: Hibiscus Tavern: Triple M Black Rain: Real McCoy Bourbon: Sea Folly Swim Wear: Jim Beam Bourbon: The Old Alice Inn: Indoor Cricket: U.D.L: Hibiscus Tavern: Darwin Trader: Sea Folly: Mackay Tyre Power: Bonds Gotcha T-Shirts: Jackeroo: Hot 100 F.M. Radio Station, I.D.s: Hotel Darwin: Maxwell House Coffee: Toohey's Beer: Severo Menz Wear: *Casuarina Village Shopping Town*: Ireland Holden *Oasis Pizza*: Honeycombe's Used Cars: Big Country: Computers: Alligator Records: Murray Neck's: Rover Mowers: Levi’s Classics: Mackay Motor Cycles: Winnellie Hotel: *McCulloch’s Computers*: Dunwoody's Liquor Barn: Byte S.T.V: Knobel's Real Estate: *Levi’s Jeans*: Station I.D. for Mackay News: Pioneer Real Estate: Metropolitan Hotel: *Apollo Maxi Yacht*: Country Arts S.A:

The list goes on.

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